1. Who are We?

In this Privacy Notice, any references to ‘Velpa’ the ‘Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ refers to Velpa Malta Trading Limited, a company registered in Malta under company registration number C77819 and have the registered address is at The Bastions Office No.2, Emvin Cremona Street, Floriana, FRN 1281, Malta. Whereas any references to ‘You’, ‘Your’, or ‘User’ means any person who uses the Service provided on any of Velpa Malta Trading Limited’s Website/s.

This Privacy Notice describes how We handle Your personal information and data. Any personal information You provide to Us through Your use of this Website or through the operation of Your account, are kept by Us in a strict and confidential matter. The data and information We hold about You is in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

You can contact Us by Live Chat or by writing out to We have appointed a Data Protection Officer, who may be contacted for any queries in relation to this Privacy Notice or how We handle Your data by emailing

2. Why do We collect personal data?

In order to be able to provide You with the Service and register an account on Mount Gold Casino, We need to collect personal identification data from You. In providing the Service to You which You have registered for, We may also need to share Your personal data with certain third party service providers. However, rest assured that We ensure to establish appropriate safeguards to protect Your data.

The personal data that We collect from You when registering and operating Your account on Mount Gold Casino is to comply with Our legal obligations including those related to the operation of Our license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, its regulations and guidelines, as well as to meet Our obligations in assisting the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and other competent authorities, when required to do so, to assist in any law enforcement investigation. If You fail to provide Us with the required personal data and/or information upon Our request, We will cease to offer You the Service and terminate the relationship with You.

Apart from having a legal obligation to collect Your personal data and information, We also have a legitimate interest to protect Mount Gold Casino from being misused from fraudulent and/or illegal activities. These include, but are not limited to, promotional abuse, fraudulent activities, money laundering, terrorist financing, and also online security risks. By collecting the personal data from You, it will allows Us to ensure the security, accessibility and availability of Our Service to You.

From time to time, We may send You marketing communications if You have opted in to such service either during the registration process or by changing Your settings from Your account profile. These marketing communications will help You to stay up-to-date with Our news about the latest games, products, bonuses, offers and other related promotions. You have the right to change Your marketing preferences at any time at no cost by changing the settings from Your account profile or by unsubscribing directly from the marketing communication or also by contacting Our Customer Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing

3. What categories of personal data do We collect?

The categories of personal data that We collect from You and process are detailed below:

Personal identification and communication details are provided to Us when You complete the registration process to open an account on Mount Gold Casino. This includes collecting Your personal details such as full name, date of birth, residential address, and communication details such as email address and/or phone number.

Your personal data and information may also be collected through other means such as through documentation or information that You provide Us upon Our request through this Website or when contacting Us. Documents are provided for identity, age and address verification, as well as for payments verification. We may request other documentation from You as part of Our legal and regulatory obligations.

We also hold records of Your financial accounts’ information and some elements of Your financial transactions through the use of Your account on this Website. In addition, We maintain details of Your logins and visits to the Website, such as geolocation information, traffic data, weblogs, amongst other information. Moreover, all Live Chats and email correspondence held with Our Customer Support Team is recorded for security and training purposes.

Although, We do not collect special categories of data on a usual basis, We may receive such data from You. This can be for instance, if You inform Us that You have a gambling problem, and as such, We would treat such information as being equivalent to health information and thus, We will protect it nonetheless.

4. Collection of information from Cookies

We use Cookies to collect information that is transferred to Your device by Your internet browser. Such Cookies help us to improve Our Website and to provide You with an enhanced User journey. We obtain Your consent for those Cookies which are non-essential for the operation of the Website. Whereas those Cookies which are essential for the Website to operate successfully, We are not obliged to seek Your prior consent.

For further information on how We use Cookies and the types of Cookies We use, please read Our Cookie Policy.

5. Why do We process Your data?

We collect and process Your personal data for the following reasons:

  • Creating, operating, and managing Your account on Mount Gold Casino;
  • To be able to play games and to perform relevant functions related to games;
  • For Us to be able to carry out identification and verifications checks for You to hold an account and play the games;
  • For You to be able to place Your bets and process online payments;
  • Complying with Our legal, licensing and regulatory requirements, including those related to the recording and transmission of personal details;
  • Creating User profiles for Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment purposes. In order to provide Our Service and to prevent illegal use of Our Website, We need to carry out a risk profiling assessment of Our Users and their activities using automated processes. Though, any decisions taken based on these risk profiles are taken by natural persons;
  • Monitoring and tracking transactions for the purpose of preventing fraud, abnormal betting patterns, money laundering and/or terrorist financing, including the exchanging of personal data with Our payment processing service providers;
  • Meeting Our obligations with the relevant authorities to inform and assist them in any potential criminal investigations, such as those related to fraud, money laundering and/or terrorist financing; and
  • For marketing purposes, when You explicitly consent to receiving marketing material about Website changes, new games, bonuses, offers and promotions. As stated, You may opt-in or opt-out of this service at any time.

6. Where do We keep Your personal data?

The Company ensures that it takes all the necessary security and standard precautions to keep Your personal data secure. Our servers are physically located within the European Union and they may only be accessed online through encrypted connections. In following best security practices and standards, We only use third party providers which follow and ensure an adequate level of security.

We may also store Your personal data within our Group of companies and since this may be located outside the EEA, We will always ensure to have adequate security measures in place. Therefore, We will ensure that Your personal data is always protected, such as by having in place Standard Contractual Clauses as per the European Commission.

7. Who do We share Your personal data with?

Your personal data may also be transferred to some third party providers to be able to carry out the following processes:

  • Payment processing;
  • Marketing, in line with Your consent;
  • Anti-Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Terrorist Financing checks;
  • Other Data Controllers;
  • Joint Controllers; and
  • Data Processors.

A list of our third party providers may be provided upon request.

We may be required to disclosure Your personal details to these third party service providers to satisfy regulatory obligations and legitimate interests.

In terms of anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and combatting terrorist financing checks, these are used to verify Your personal details through electronic means by matching against third party databases and to assess whether:

  • You may be a Politically Exposed Person or close associate of one.
  • You are subject to Financial Sanctions.
  • Your personal details are similar or match to people with adverse media results.

In cases, where such information is requested by Our payment providers in relation to fraud enquiries, We will provide such personal data on the basis that the request for information is to protect Your rights and/or, for legitimate interest to protect Us against fraud.

We ensure that data transfers with third party service providers are covered with appropriate contracts and safeguards between the Data Controller (Us) and the Data Processor in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These contracts will include clauses concerning confidentiality, strict processing rules, security safeguards, breach notification requirements and assistance provision to the Company so that any exercise of Your rights is satisfied.

In the event that there is a change in the Data Controller, We will attempt to inform You about this, as well as with regards to the identity of the new Data Controller. This is done either by contacting You directly, or by placing notices on Our Website or by using other media.

We are also obliged to disclose Your personal data to regulatory authorities to satisfy Our legal obligations. These authorities include, but are not limited to the:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU)
  • Sanctions Monitoring Board
  • Other relevant law enforcement entities

In disclosing to the relevant authorities, We are obliged to provide all personal details, including verification documents, payment and betting transaction history and records, all communication history, and any other information We hold about You. All personal data and records, including documentation, is transferred to the relevant authority through secure means, as may be prescribed by such authorities beyond our control.

In cases where We would need to supply Your personal data to third party providers, such as for marketing purposes, We will provide You with a specific opt-in option, where Your active consent is required, for transfer of Your data to such third party providers. You will be provided with their names and the purpose for which such individuals will use Your data will be disclosed to You. Such marketing partners are limited to only receiving Your contact details, such as e-mail address or phone number, when You consent to receiving marketing communications. If You choose to withdraw Your consent for marketing purposes, We will inform the relevant marketing partner to cease sending You marketing communications as soon as We receive your request.

8. Data transfers to third countries

When We share Your personal data to third party providers that are located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), We will always ensure to have in place the same or similar degree of protection when transferring Your personal data outside the EEA. We do this by ensuring that We transfer to countries that are deemed to hold an adequate level of data protection measures in place as per the European Commission, and/or put in place Standard Contractual Clauses issued by the European Commission.

9. For how long do We keep Your data?

We are obliged to retain certain elements of Your personal data after the termination of Your account for a period of up to 10 years. This is in particular to meet Our legal obligations with regards to Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Terrorist Financing laws and regulations.


  • For up to one (1) year from Your last activity on the account: Details of Your account logins and visits to the Website, including but not limited to traffic data, weblogs, and communications to and from our Customer Support Team;
  • For up to five (5) years from Your last account activity: Personal identification and communication details provided to Us, contact information through the Website, such as email, Live Chat or other media;
  • For up to ten (10) years from Your last account activity: Transactions such as financial accounts information and game transactions.

We will also keep Your personal data for longer periods if required to do so by the relevant authorities, especially in case of a litigation or a legal process which You, the relevant authorities or Us may be party to, due to the provision of Our Service to You.

All Your personal data, details and information is stored in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

10. Your Rights.

You have the right to:

  • access Your personal information that We hold on You;
  • request rectification of Your personal data that You consider to be incorrect or not updated;
  • request for restriction of processing of Your data;
  • request erasure of Your personal data;
  • file an objection about the processing of Your data;
  • request to export Your personal data; and
  • be informed about any automated individual decision-making in place, including profiling; and
  • object at all times to the processing of Your personal data and to withdraw Your consent.

Your rights may only be exercised in accordance with the law, which might include restrictions on when You can exercise such rights due to laws which supersede the GDPR.

You can exercise these rights from Your account or by contacting Us at

You have also the right to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner by visiting their website at However, You may also decide to lodge a complaint with Your local Data Protection Authority. You may find a list with Your local Data Protection Authority’s contact details by visiting this website

11. Changes to this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is subject to changes. Any changes We may make in the future will be published on Our Website on this page. The changes will be effective from the time of their publishing. You can request previous versions of this Privacy Notice by sending Us an email on

This Privacy Notice describes how Velpa  Malta Trading Limited  (or otherwise referred to herein as “Velpa”, ” Company” "us" or "we") treats your personal information and the data provided to us in order to be able to manage our relationship. We manage any personal information you provide to us (either through the website or through any other similar means) and are kept by us in relation to you in the manner specified in this Privacy Notice.

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