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Online Blackjack

Today, online casino gaming is more varied than it has ever been. But however many new games the developers come up with, nothing can surpass online blackjack in terms of popularity. The game of blackjack is essentially the same as vingt-et-un, which was invented in 17th century France, in the calm before the storm of the French Revolution. 400 years on, it is the go-to game for casino goers, both in physical casinos and online. 

Why is blackjack so popular? It could be down to the game’s unique mixture of simplicity and strategy. After all, everyone knows the basics of blackjack, it is typically one of the first proper card games we learn as kids. Yet despite the seeming simplicity, when you start to dig into blackjack strategy, you can enter a whole new world ruled by quite complex statistics and probability theory. 

Rather than state the obvious about a game that is so popular, we have decided to answer some of the most common questions we get asked at Mount Gold casino about the game of blackjack.  

Can you play blackjack online for real money?

You can wager and win real money playing every single one of the online casino games at Mount Gold, and online blackjack is no exception. Typically, the payout for a winning hand is even money, with a natural returning a 50 percent bonus. If you are not sure what those terms mean, be sure to visit our blackjack rules page before you begin.  

How much you win also depends on how much you wager. At Mount Gold, we have different blackjack tables to suit players with different budgets. At a basic blackjack table, you can wager as little as €0.5 per hand, while VIP Blackjack is for high rollers and has a table limit of €1,000.

What other blackjack variations are there?

You will notice that we have more than 60 different blackjack games at Mount Gold casino. The minimum and maximum table limits represent only one distinction between them. They will also have subtle variations in the rules. 

For example, power blackjack lets you triple or even quadruple down after you double down, providing the opportunity for bigger wins. It also includes the power double, where you can discard your first double cards and try again, and the power split, which lets you split on 15. 

In infinite blackjack, there are extra side-bets you can make including 21+3 or hot 3. These essentially combine aspects of 3-card poker with your blackjack play. If you are keen on mixing your card games, it is definitely something you need to try. 

Perhaps the most important variation you will find at Mount Gold casino, however, is live blackjack. This involves playing with a real dealer on webcam and other players sitting around the virtual blackjack table. It brings the atmosphere of a real casino straight into your home, and has proved immensely popular.

Is blackjack the same as pontoon?

The two games look identical at first glance, but there are subtle differences. Remember we said earlier that blackjack evolved from vingt-et-un. Well, so did pontoon, so we could say that the games are cousins. There is some difference in the terminology – in pontoon you twist or stick, whereas in blackjack you hit or stand. 

There are also a few variations in the rules. Pontoon players are required to twist if they have a score of 14 or less, while in blackjack you can stand on any total you like. Pontoon also has the burn rule, which means you can discard your cards on hard 13 and have them redealt. 

As well as pontoon, online baccarat is also a game that has a family relationship to blackjack, and you will notice similarities in the rules and gameplay. 

Why should you play blackjack at Mount Gold Casino? 

It’s a good question to ask, and we know there are dozens of other websites where you can play online blackjack. At Mount Gold, we have as wide a range of blackjack games as you will find anywhere. But that’s not all – we like to do things a little differently to the other online casino sites out there. 

Our simplified payments system lets you get into the games without filling in forms and handing over all your personal data. All you need, in fact, is a phone number to identify yourself and an online wallet to transfer your deposits and winnings and you can start playing. It’s hassle-free and means your personal data is kept safely in your hands, where it belongs. 

We also bring simplicity with our bonus programme. Every week, any player who had a net loss over the preceding seven days gets a 10 percent cashback. It applies across the board, regardless of how much you’ve bet or which games you’ve played. What could be simpler than that?

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