Roulette Strategy

When you look at the mechanics involved in the game of roulette, you might think there is no place for roulette strategy. After all, surely it is all down to luck where the ball will come to rest, and no roulette system will make you more likely to guess correctly on the right colour or number.

That is true as far as it goes, but there is more to roulette strategy, or indeed optimizing your gameplay in any casino game, than just trying to guess right. Even when the result is a matter of chance, not skill, a good roulette system will help you enjoy the game and make sure your bankroll lasts as long as possible. 

Hanging on to your bankroll might not sound like something most online casinos would help their players with. But Mount Gold is not “most casinos.” We want you to derive maximum enjoyment from playing online roulette with us. That way, we know you will want to come back another day and play again! So with that in mind, we will share what we know when it comes to expert tips on developing a killer roulette strategy. 

Follow the mathematics to the European wheel

Our first tips could not be more simple. If you read our section on roulette rules before coming here, you will know the main difference between a European roulette wheel and an American roulette wheel – the latter has an additional slot marked “00”.

You can consider the zero and double zero to be the equivalent of a guaranteed house victory – whichever inside or outside bet you place, if the ball lands in the green, there will be no winners. That immediately suggests that a house win is more likely on the American wheel.

When you dig into the mathematics, you find that is absolutely right. Regardless of the type of bet you place, the house edge in European roulette is 2.7 percent, while in American roulette it is over five percent. Our first roulette strategy tip is simply this, then: To improve your chances of winning, always choose to play at a European roulette wheel with a single zero. 

Take your time

The next thing mathematicians will tell you is that the house edge will always catch up with you eventually. Beating the odds means cheating the law of averages, and the best way to do that is to make fewer bets. 

There are aspects of gameplay you can incorporate into your roulette system that will achieve this goal. One is to avoid making multiple bets on different numbers. So instead of three straight up bets, place one trio bet. 

Another way is to choose a live dealer roulette game instead of an automated one. When you play with a real dealer, each spin takes a little more time. It is also much more fun, so this is definitely a tip worth following. 

Try a progression

There are some roulette players who swear by betting progressions, and believe they are the key to a successful roulette strategy. A progression like the Martingale is certainly worth trying, but be warned – it is not foolproof and will not guarantee a win, whatever its fans might suggest! 

It works like this: You need to decide on an even money bet and a base amount for your wager. Suppose you decide to go with €10 on red. If you win, you put the €10 winnings aside and you go again. If you lose, you double the bet and keep doing so till red comes up. Then, you return to €10 and start again. 

The Martingale roulette system means each series ultimately ends up with a €10 win. For example, suppose black comes up three times and then red. It means you will bet €10, then €20, then €40, then €80. So you will wager €150 in total and with that fourth winning spin, you will get your €80 stake back and €80 in winnings. €150 wagered, €160 returned, there’s your €10. 

It works no matter how long the losing streak goes on. When you finally win, you will end up €10 better off. A foolproof roulette strategy? Not quite. The trouble is that every roulette table has a maximum wager. If in our example the table maximum is €200, you can only double up once more after that €80 bet. If you have a long losing streak, you can end up with a heavy loss that will consume all those €10 wins and maybe more. 

Perfect your roulette strategy at Mount Gold 

Every one of the above strategies has its strengths. Even the Martingale is a roulette system that will usually deliver small gains. Just play with your eyes open to the risk of an occasional catastrophic loss. Why not try all three and develop your very own roulette system at Mount Gold casino? 

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