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The roulette wheel is surely the most iconic feature of any casino. Card games might involve more strategy and the online slots have bigger jackpots. But there is something about that roulette wheel that people just can’t resist. And online roulette is just as popular in cyberspace. 

One of the major attractions of the game is that roulette rules are familiar to everyone, even if you’ve never been to Las Vegas or played online casino games in your life. Spin the wheel, release the ball, place your bets and see where it comes to rest. You can approach a roulette wheel for the first time and be as likely to win as someone who has been playing every day for years. 

Every casino game is defined by a mixture of skill and luck. A poker game like Texas Holdem is more skill-based, while roulette is definitely at the luck end of the spectrum. In fact, it is not so different to betting on the lottery, in that you are hoping your number, or subset of numbers, will come up. Nevertheless, you can still follow a roulette strategy, and we will go into more details in our strategy section on why it makes sense to do so, even in a game of chance. 

Different variations of the roulette wheel

According to popular legend, the original roulette wheel started out as a piece of equipment invented by 17th century scientist, mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. He was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine that would have solved the world’s energy problems at a single stroke. Needless to say, he didn’t quite manage that, but he did bring us the most famous of all casino games and one that is still being played by millions every day, more than 350 years later.

Pascal’s invention swiftly evolved into the European roulette wheel. Sometimes called French roulette, this is the “classic” version of the game that is still most common today. Despite the name, it is equally popular on both sides of the Atlantic. On a European roulette wheel, there are 37 slots numbered from zero to 36. The zero slot is green, and for the rest, half are red and half are black. 

The second most popular form of the game is American roulette. The biggest difference is that here, there is a 38th slot. This is marked with two zeros and is also green, like the single zero. The layout of the numbers from one to 36 is also slightly different, but they are still half red and half black, so it makes no material difference to your gameplay or strategy. Again, don’t be fooled by the name. Most casinos, whether land-based or online, have both European roulette and American roulette on offer, regardless of where they are based. 

These two are the most common types of roulette, but others are available at Mount Gold casino. For example, you might want to try lightning roulette, which is a special form of online roulette developed by Evolution Gaming. It brings in extra elements in the form of lucky numbers that appear with a dramatic lightning strike on every spin and offer bonus rewards.

Live dealer roulette

Perhaps the most special of all the roulette variations at Mount Gold casino are our live roulette tables. Here, there is no computer generated wheel fed by a random number generator like you see with ordinary online roulette games. Instead, you will be hosted by a real dealer, spinning a real wheel in real time. You can even chat to the dealer while you play, just like you would in a physical casino. 

Playing at a live dealer table makes the online roulette experience all the richer and more fun. Ultimately, playing casino games should be all about enjoyment, so that is reason in itself to choose a live table. But in addition, it inevitably takes a little longer for each spin in a live casino setting. The mathematicians will tell you that this is never a bad thing in roulette, as it improves your statistical odds of beating the house edge and emerging victorious. 

Everyone’s a winner at Mount Gold Casino

We will talk more about that and other aspects of how to play roulette strategically elsewhere. But of course, there is no way to guarantee a win when it is you against the wheel of chance. However, even if luck goes against you, we will make sure you still have something to smile about when you play at Mount Gold casino. 

If you have a losing week, our cashback system automatically refunds you 10 percent of your net loss. It applies regardless of how much you’ve wagered or which games you’ve played. So come on in, choose your wheel and be a winner at Mount Gold casino. 

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